Study in Montreal, Canada

language program

Language Program

You can study full time or part time in a program that is perfectly suited to your current level and your goals. Our partner schools are certified by Languages Canada.
Groups can enjoy a mix of language courses and activities. Popular activities include live music festivals, historic sights, local food and exploring the natural surroundings.
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secondary program

High School Program

The High School Program unites young people with schools offer IB Program in Montreal. This provides them the opportunity to earn high school credits while having an unparalleled cultural exchange.
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university program

College & University Program

If you want to study at a canadian university or college, HEKI Canada can help you find what you’re looking for. We make sure you have the appropriate academic qualifications and facilitate your application procedure.

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family program

Parents & Kids Program

The purpose of the parent-child study abroad program is for parents and children alike to experience North American culture and education in both English and French.
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